I did it! 50,000 words (and counting)…



Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

24 thoughts on “I did it! 50,000 words (and counting)…”

  1. Congratulations on your win!

    I am a fellow Wrimo and verified my 50,000 words Thanksgiving evening.

    Hopefully you will post something about the aftermath? I couldn’t find another post concerning your story and progress. Much luck with your manuscript. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Lots going on (for real, not procrastination lol) so I have yet to tackle the edits/rewrites. Not sure whether I’m going to self-publish or not…one thing at a time. How’s your writings coming?

      1. Part of me wants to say I was procrastinating…though I have been productive. In January I wrote two shorts; and really like one of them. Hopefully I can keep working on a different novel this month (instead of revising my Nano novel).

        There are many ways to self publish, and a few traditional routes. You can mail me about it if you want to talk more about the matter – but I cannot call myself an expert.

      2. Good luck! I’ll keep that in mind. Still have to edit it at least once more (meaning three more times LOL) before I’ll consider sending it out on the world. I’m AChaosFairy (maybe A Chaos Fairy) on Nano!

      3. Better to edit until you are comfortable. Maybe it’s an issue of mine, but I do more polish than rewriting or editing. When that stack of rejection letters is as high as an elephant’s eye, I suppose I’ll have my answer. 🙂

      4. Being an editor/proofreader and writer-hopeful, I’ve learned it’s always easier to edit someone else’s work. Even I, with my keen eye (no rhyming intended), miss typos in my own work…LOL

      5. I totally agree with you about life being easier when editing the story of another.

        Added you to my Nano buddies (and awesome kitty-in-a-pirate-hat pic). Seeing you Nano winner Gravatar image was the reason I checked out your blog in the first place.

        I scanned your Wrimo profile and must admit I have the Myst: Exile soundtrack as well.

        Keep on writing – and thanks for continuing to check out my blog.

      6. I have not read Player One. Myst was legend for the fact it would actually run on the Mac in that era…along with 7th Guest.

        I think I have the Myst *and* Exile game soundtracks. Good stuff when you need to write without too looming of an ambiance.

      7. I never played Zork but remembered all of those hyped teasers for it inside comic books I read. For some reason, Zork seemed extra mysterious since they wouldn’t even show a screen of it. Just a mostly-black background with a jagged line of light through it (maybe as lightning? Been a long time…).

      8. It’s basically only text on a black screen. Either green or orange text.

        “You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox here.”

      9. I played a lot of BBS games so I had fun on a few text adventures before. The roughest text adventure was supposed to be a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Game where people kept dying without making it out of the first scene – repeatedly. haha

      10. *laugh* Sometimes I wish there was a video game skill swap…like “I’ll trade you my awesome skill at finding stuff and solving puzzles if you could get me through that part in the game where I have to jump on that teeny walkway with clouds going by underneath that makes my stomach drop into my feet because…it’s…so…high…up…”

      11. I totally agree. There’s often that one seemingly-small barrier which is just enough out-of-reach for me to never progress in a game.

      12. That is a REALLY tough question. I suppose much of it goes by game system or desired result. If you say what system you are into, or what you like to see in a game I could maybe guide to to a few. My tastes are kind of random and far from the popular. Most stuff I loved playing was on my PSP, whether an eumulated system, PSX port, or legit game. A couple I really loved had no point to most folks but I found them fascinating. Two of them in particular were Japanese-only so I had to memorize what buttons did what and just go with the flow (guess) regarding the spoken/written text.

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