Wonder Woman Comics…

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Just read an article about Wonder Woman in one of my recent issues of Smithsonian. Interesting article about some of the history behind Wonder Woman and her creator. I was swayed by the intellectual backlash against comics when I was about twelve (yes, even in the 80s) so I’ve got some catching up to do with comic-book reading! Plus, when I was a kid, sexist attitudes in play discouraged girls from reading comics, and back then I was trying to be normal and fit in with mainstream society at the time. You think I would have learned before wasting the past several years trying to get a job in the conservative-tainted mainstream workplace after I was fired from the Sarasota YMCA for dyeing my hair fuchsia, but I’m broke and desperate. What a lost cause that is proving to be–even wearing the conformist clothing hasn’t landed me a job. *wry laugh*

So, anyway, for TBT, here’s some stuff around the web about Wonder Woman, including a link to the Smithsonian article (subscribe and help keep print–or digital–media going!).

Smithsonian Article re: Wonder Woman:


The New Yorker:


DC Comics:


Wonder Woman Movie:


Some older articles re: Wonder Woman:








Rutgers University Press Book:



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