Music and Mathematics…

So, I just (re) read a book that claims to examine the crop circle phenomenon partially through the lens of science and math. Pretty weird that (according to the book) some of the crop circle designs can be replicated by the vibrations of some music/sounds as applied to sand. It also referenced another book I liked–The Secret Life of Plants–which did experiments on plants’ responses/electromagnetic reactions to different types of music.

It also got me thinking–are words, especially written words, becoming outdated. I think we’ll probably always have some form of speech/spoken language, but imagine a form of communication that relied on a series of thought-pictures transmitted telepathically, or via a more scientific/technological method, images/glyphs/symbols/musical and/or mathematical coding (a universal language) submitted through virtual space by some sort of fiber optics/wireless/Web plug-in/programming that jacks into the human brain and allows people to send virtual symbol- or image-based messages–a simplified coding used in order to communicate faster than words. Like a mix between The Matrix and Johnny Mnemonic. Would this speed up communication and make it more instantaneous and help create some sort of harmonic vibration that helps eliminate the human misunderstandings and misinterpretations that arise from verbal and written communication? Does the human brain recognize the meaning of images/symbols faster than words? (Not being a scientist, I don’t really know, so that’s just abstract speculation.) Are our brains and information processing patterns in the process of an evolutionary shift? Or will humans always be human–with human limitations that are keeping us from evolving? That’s maybe veering off into a little too much of a new-agey area for my comfort, so…here’s the links to the books I mentioned.

And, just for good measure/similarity:

An article re: “illiteracy” (the one-time progressive-teacher-hopeful is wincing at that term *laugh*) and Star Wars:

Given that we’re humans, we’ll probably find a way to exploit said “evolved” method of communication, and corrupt it for greed and power, like we always do. I just read this article In Wired Magazine that Google and a variety of social media pay people a pittance to scour the sites and whitewash them of all disturbing, violent, pornographic videos of sex, murder and animal and human abuse/killings/rape for Internet users in the U.S. Made me feel quite naive.

So, I veered off topic a bit, but off to do my daily word quota for NanoWriMo…!


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5 thoughts on “Music and Mathematics…”

  1. I think you may find answers to some of your questions and thoughts looking into Semiotics–the science of signs (Dan Brown co-opted it calling his professor a ‘symbologist’. Check out the work of Umberto Eco–both fiction and non-fiction–as well as Roland Barthes. In short all cultures already communicate with non-lexical language through symbols, signs and a host of other things that are signified through our social unconscious and sub-conscious. >KB

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