Tips for Vegetarians/Vegans Who Don’t/Can’t/Won’t Cook

Okay, so it’s one of my pet peeves that when the subject of cooking comes up, and I tell people I’m terrible at cooking, plus I hate cooking, plus I started three mini-fires just by boiling water for mac ‘n’ cheese–I immediately, invariably get a patronizing lecture on how I just need to get over myself and learn to cook. It irritates me, because I know DAMN well that they are attempting on giving me the chastising lecture because I am female, and it’s apparently mandatory that I need to learn how to cook. Piss on their double standard. (Men who cook, on the other hand, are irresistibly endearing! *laugh*)

If you have the money, there are restaurants galore these days to compensate for a lack of cooking ability, even for vegetarians/vegans, these days restaurants are a lot more accommodating than they were when I first became a vegetarian (1991). Food trucks are a good option, I’ve found.

When you’re a broke vegetarian, like me, and hate cooking, and only have a toaster oven, it does make for some (temporary, I keep hoping!) limitations, but there’s still stuff I can find to eat without incurring the expense of eating out. For snacks, I was existing on chips for a while by Kettle Chips, Now, I get a jar of pickles or stuffed olives. Also, peanut butter/nut butters or hummus on rice cakes is pretty good. Sandwiches with veggie meat and Daiya cheese made a nice lunch change.

For toaster oven/microwaves:

Amy’s Organic frozen breakfast, lunches and dinners (Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-free options). They also have a ton of burritos and wraps for lunches. Expensive? Sometimes, but Target often has them on sale, and, when I get my food stamps, I head over there and stock up. I wish I could afford to shop at local stores for these meals, but I have to budget.

Just add boiling water for yummy soups, asian meals, and even oatmeals:

McDougal’s Right Foods:

For stove tops:

When I was in grad school, I lived on Annie’s mac ‘n’ cheese ( and these boil-in-a-bag Indian dinners (, which are actually really good!

Any other suggestions? *laugh*


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

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