Hollywood and Celebrities and other Famous Types

Well, this isn’t really about movies, or music, in a straightforward way, but I didn’t quite have an idea on what to write today, so just some ramblings about Hollywood, famous movie stars and musicians, L.A., and celebrity worship. I’m certainly guilty of having a few “mindless” guilty pleasures…silly TV shows, obsessive love for a favourite band, and the like, that don’t quite fit in with my more…scholarly? quiet reader? serious?…side. But, I really can’t fathom the extent of why/how people worship Hollywood celebrities and famous musicians, and follow their every move with an almost frightening intensity. For me, I think the whole point of celebrities is the illusion–the mythic qualities, that they bring to the stage, screen, and even stadiums (or smaller music venues), but who wants to really know the reality behind that illusion they create? That is what I don’t understand, with all this mania for celebrity details that keeps the paparazzi in business. I made the mistake of (accidentally, actually) following the tour bus of my favourite band back to their hotel, and partially I wish I hadn’t. It was a strange night(s), both wondrous, in a serendipitous sort of way and yet also creepy, and kind of disturbing. (And, no, I didn’t hook up with any of them, so don’t even ask. *wry laugh*) In addition to preferring the illusion, I also had this weird feeling that I was trespassing (well, we kinda were, at one of the hotels we went to, until we got an actual invite from the band peoples), and I did feel a little uncomfortable being there on the grounds, not to mention the hotel room. I kept feeling that I had to get away from all of them…retreating to the beach, in one instance, or out onto a solitary balcony overlooking a gorgeous lagoon pool. I remember that pool most of all *laugh*. Yes, I still get a little flush of excitement when I saw some movie actor(s) in local restaurants, or walking down Main Street, or shopping in a small health food store, and, of course, meeting members from one my favourite band was unbelievable, in theory, was thrilling, but I can’t imagine the constant exposure they have to endure…having very little privacy and personal space…yes, I’m sure the money helps create a buffer, but I began to think–how creepy would it be to think you were alone and you wake up and your picture of you, and your friends, or partner, were splashed over magazines and all over the internet. I’ve been (re) watching Angel which also sometimes includes a bit about life in cutthroat L.A. through the experience of Cordelia, mainly, as a actor-hopeful, and, as much as I was open to certain plans to move to California, I’m glad I didn’t. I mean, hypothetically speaking, I probably would have ended up in L.A., eventually, and I don’t think I would have liked that environment too much, although I’ve only been there once, and I was too young to get a feel for the place, so I’ll have to reserve judgment until if and when I visit.

Generally, I don’t even recognize said celebrities, like when I waited on a notable author at a restaurant, and didn’t even realize it until the owner/cook told me who it was. So, there’s not really much of a chance I would lie in wait for them to get their autograph, or more. But, fan attention is what keeps celebrities in business, I suppose…but I still have this odd resistance to intruding on their privacy/private lives, no matter how used to it they must be. I just invariably think how I would feel if I was trying to have a nice dinner with my partner, or family, or friends, and somebody came up to me and was freaking out, fan-wise. After all, I get annoyed when I’m reading a book in public, and somebody asks me “What are you reading?” as if the book was an empty prop. So, there’s not much of a point to this blog, just some ramblings of things that have been wafting through my mind, but, remember, part of the allure of the silver screen or any other performance venue is the mystery–the unknown–the fantastical–the chance to escape reality. Or, experience reality from a different perspective. The End. http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Daniel-Radcliffe-Has-One-Big-Problem-With-Hollywood-67902.html


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

1 thought on “Hollywood and Celebrities and other Famous Types”

  1. You are not a loser unless that is what you want to be. I’ve seen and dealt with lots of losers in my past life who have arrived there after a long series of very bad decisions. Anyone as smart and articulate as you clearly present yourself to be cannot possibly be guilty of those repeated blunders. We all screw up, some more often than others but opportunity is always out there.
    I remember my parents sitting at our small metal 1940’s style kitchen table terrified at the prospect of how on earth they were going to ever possibly pay the $55.00 monthly mortgage payment on the tiny house they had just bought.
    They managed to help two sons through college and though my Dad died younger than he was supposed to, left a decent retirement for my Mom.
    Never give up. Get up, get out and do the best you can every day!.
    Turning Final,

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