Historic Huguenot Street: New Paltz, New York

Historic Huguenot Street

81 Huguenot Street

New Paltz, New York


(All photos taken by me–copyright disclaimer)


When I visited my friend in New Paltz, New York, in 2010 it was a rad surprise to discover, and tour, Historic Huguenot Street. There’s some Huguenot in the family tree as I’ve been told–the “Mauzy” line. Family legend goes that this one particular ancestor that this branch of Huguenots avoided persecution by escaping in a wine barrel, and the descendents have been drunk ever since. *laugh* By a fluke, family members discovered Mauzy “cousins” near where they live in New Mexico.

This historic site had no drunken Huguenot ghosts roaming around (perhaps after dark?) but it did have a Huguenot cemetery at the site and lots of interesting historic buildings to explore, furnished with period pieces. It’s a beautiful area to visit, steeped in history, nature, and curious chipmunks! For those looking for a unique supernatural experience, the website promises Halloween chills with their “Haunted Huguenot Street” event from October 24-26 and October 31-November 2. Looks awesome!



Anyway, New Paltz was a neat stop on my road trip and getting my history fix via the Historic Huguenot Street was a nice addition! If you’re touring around that area of New York State, I’d add it to the itinerary. It’s lovely there, and they seem to have some nice B&Bs and inns both in New Paltz and nearby (I stayed with my friend, so didn’t get to experience any of them, sadly, but am intrigued by the White Heron Retreat for a “maybe someday” return visit.)

B&Bs and Inns:






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