Documentaries on the (failure of) the public/standardized American educational system…

Organize!–school-age youth (and their parents/guardians!)…you are being cheated of an education. Don’t let them take away your rights, and subject you to conformity measures and abuse in the guise of a (prison-like) standardized school system.

It’s personal to me, the topic of educational reform, as I know firsthand how bad the school system is here in Florida, having once been an inmate of it, and, after I became a substitute teacher in Sarasota, and watched other teachers physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse the children in their care, and even delay in getting one kid emergency medical care in lieu of attending to a trivial matter that came first. (And, yes, I reported such instances to the school board, but the person in charge shrugged and said “We don’t care, that stuff happens all the time.”)

I  am planning on getting involved in a grassroots educational reform movement sometime soon, but started watching some of these great documentaries for inspiration/motivation in the meantime. There’s also a couple of links with the movie links on ways to get involved. Feel free to share more links and websites on educational reform in the comments.

The War on Kids


Waiting for Superman:


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