History of the Food Truck (links)…

Since I love the concept of food trucks, I decided to dedicate a blog entry to the history of them, even though it was only last year that I went to my first one. I was at Metrocon last year in Tampa, Florida, and it was surprisingly un-vegetarian-friendly. Thank goodness for the Renny’s Oki Doki food truck which had a vegetarian/gluten free option–wonderful, and delicious, life-saver on the foodie front! (http://www.rennysokidoki.com)

I came across this article on the history of American food trucks when I was fact-checking a manuscript for a client (verifying the history of the food truck, who had a cameo in the book). Thought it was neat, but, again, I’m a big history nerd, so in honor of the food truck [which has continued to be under attack where I live, Sarasota, Florida, by the rich, conservative types that inhabit (*cough* control) places like Siesta Key and downtown].

Here’s some links to articles, etc., about the origins of the food truck phenomenon:

From the New York Times:


From Smithsonian Magazine (love this mag!):


Huffington Post:


Video from History Channel’s “Modern Marvels”:


The quick version…a timeline on “timetoast”:


Wikipedia’s take on food truck origins:




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