Movies: South Korean Thrillers

I have fallen in love with Korean thriller/mystery films (specifically, South Korea). It started with the (now popular, and with a “made-for-America” version released last year :-p) film Oldboy, which is amazing. From there, I jumped into a South Korean mini-film fest, watching similar thrillers like  I Saw the Devil, The Yellow Sea, Open City, and The Man from Nowhere. The South Koreans have really captured the genre, as many American thrillers over the past ten to twenty years have descended into a hardly-suspenseful, rote, yawn-inducing cinema experience. 

Glad South Korea is still carrying on the thriller/horror legacy, because American films of the same genre are disappointing, although sometimes they hit the mark as comedies. I’m officially a fan of these films/directors/cast. I’m open to recommendations!

Here’s some links to get you started (the movies are also on Netflix):


Open City:

I Saw the Devil:

The Yellow Sea:


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