The Quickie by Kitty Fine

Sadly, the last time I read any erotica was a purloined copy of Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus, way back in middle school. Kitty Fine’s The Quickie reminds me of the innocent and illicit pleasure of reading erotica for the first time. In comparison to my naïve, closeted childhood, there is nothing reserved about main character Nikki’s frank appreciation of sex, imbued with all the open wide-eyed wonder of youth. Nikki’s quickie sexual encounter is erotic and titillating, of course, but the character’s narrative voice still feels age-appropriately wholesome and fresh, in that it matches the young woman’s maturity level and personality.  Nikki does define herself as a nympho, but in a charming way that reminds the reader that we were all young, with rapacious sex drives, once upon a time (or still!).

I think what appealed to me most about The Quickie is that the writing is concise and straightforward. I’m always a fan of clean, unfettered writing, but the naturalness of Kitty Fine’s prose makes this erotica piece both comfortably enjoyable and stimulating at the same time, without that odd undercurrent of guilt that some erotic writing can evoke. I felt that a little more attention to sentence style and structure would have helped smooth over a few minor glitches that disrupted the flow of the read.

Overall, a strong, and sexy, read from a strong and well-balanced writer. Quite enjoyable!




Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

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