Egmont Key State Park and Lighthouse

Egmont Key State Park is located near Fort DeSoto. It’s home to a wildlife refuge, a lighthouse, and the cool-looking ruins and structures of Fort Dade that date back to the Spanish-American War. It’s only accessible by boat or ferry, and there’s no overnight camping allowed on the island, but you can rent a boat and camp on the nearby Shell Key Preserve. We took the ferry out with a group of people (most of whom we didn’t see the rest of the time on the island), although our ferry operator was so visibly pissed that he had to go out to Egmont Key and that he complained about the trip the whole way and kept trying to bully us into going to Shell Key Preserve instead. In spite of our grumpy ferry operator, it was well worth the trip, and I would love to go back and camp out on Shell Key Preserve with a rented boat, so I would have more time to spend on the island.

(All photos taken by me–copyright disclaimer)

Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

5 thoughts on “Egmont Key State Park and Lighthouse”

  1. Been past that lighthouse by water three times. First time as a deckhand on a shrimp bot in 1968. The going out and coming back on a cruise ship in 2002.

    That summer on a shrimper convinced me that I NEVER wanted to work that hard ever gain. Plus what I earned paid for my first year of college.

    1. Really? Yeah, I had a friend on a fishing boat…intense…I think he went off the rails a little bit after that…it’s nice if you have your own boat, then you can camp on a nearby island. Makes for more time to explore Egmont Key.

      1. Well, our boat is still up north at the summer home. Only been in fresh water. We won’t be bringing it down when we move down full time. We’ll miss it but will likely charter for short runs to keep our sailing “hand in”.

    1. If you have your own boat/friends with a boat (or rent one?), it’s a better way to visit Egmont Key, because you can camp on a nearby island. And, I hope you blog about your trip, with lots of photos as well!

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