Dreaming of Cornwall….

So, this is not technically a travel piece for Cornwall, as I’ve only been there once, on a too-fleeting trip overseas, so it’s more of a wishful thinking travel blog. I have it in my heart to go back to such an amazing locale, within a great country, so, maybe someday! While on my fleeting trip, I did visit the Tate Gallery located there, and St. Michael’s Mount…the Mount was amazing…taking the boat out during high tide, and then sloshing back over the now-revealed path as the ocean sinuously retreated. I have pictures of my trip, but, unfortunately, they are stashed in an unknown location at present (taken pre-digital camera). So, I’ve provided links!

Website for the Tate Gallery:


Website for the Mount:


That’s all I remember from the tourist sight-seeing I did while there. I wish I could go back and visit it again…maybe someday, especially after looking at this charming little website of Cornell attractions (www.lookaroundcornwall.com). I actually spent most of the time, British rain notwithstanding, walking along the high, windy coast, looking for grottos and indulging in fanciful imaginings which, of course, involved pirates and old-world manor inhabitants as can be found in the pages of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca.

Cornwall has been a significant source of inspiration for literary types, both in the past and in the present. According to the convenient ever-present Wikipedia, authors such as Virginia Woolf, William Golding, John le Carré, Charles de Lint, J.K. Rowling, and one of my childhood favourites, Susan Cooper, have either lived there, and/or drawn literary inspiration from and set scenes amidst the natural beauty of Cornwall.

Guides to Cornwall’s literary background:




If you’re planning a trip, or have already been, feel share your trip adventures and snapshots below! Let me know how the surfing is!




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