Suburbanite Wannabes

Where I live is kinda rural (by my Florida standards)…a little place that’s a short drive into Santa Fe.

It’s called Tesuque and I’m not really sure if it’s a town, a township, an extension of Santa Fe (it’s still Santa Fe County), or some other classification that I’m not familiar with…,_New_Mexico.

Like I said, it’s rural for me. So quiet. Horses in actual horse pastures. Lots of wild animals animals, too–deer, adorable skunk and raccoon families (good to help keep the pack rat population down), coyotes, and hummingbirds.

One Sunday I was cleaning, and I heard this weird noise out on the road. I was like “That can’t be what I think it is” so I went out and looked. Yep. It was a person riding a horse down the road. Clop, clop, clop.

There’s lots of lovely wildflowers, a gorgeous meadow within the complex itself, and did I mention the peaceful silence?

So, what’s wrong with this picture? Why am I blogging about it on my Sustainable Saturday blog?

As some of you may already know from a previous blog, it’s the mindset of the complex I live in as a whole.

I just don’t understand why people would want move into this rural, wild-ish environment, when they have such a strong suburban mentality. There are plenty of (gated?) communities in Santa Fe proper with perfectly pristine landscaped yards/landscaping. Why don’t you live there? Why do you have to come out here and ruin this lovely rural spot with your suburban wannabe mentality? To be frank, my (human) neighbours are an ugly taint on this otherwise picturesque haven. Plus, I’m also just plain pissed off that it’s twice in a row that I got woken up by a weed-whacker on my first day off after working with kids and teenagers all week. Because, by the time Saturday comes, I’m just so exhausted and drained, and just need one morning to sleep in. Just one. Yes, there was grumbling and cursing this morning. A lot of it. And I didn’t even care who overheard me. I was that pissed off. And then maybe I cried some. Which didn’t help my  already bleary-eyed fumbling as I tried to feed the cat.

Right now, the once-sunlit meadow full of beautiful waving grass is being chopped down by some guy with just a weed-whacker. (Poor guy! I imagine he’s not even making very much. If he were in Florida, he’d only be earning a pittance.) Not to mention the habitat loss of all the critters who used that meadow as sanctuary or for foraging or whatever other unseen animal activities take place in meadows.

They also routinely cut down all the lovely purple and orange wildflowers that the bees love.

So, I’m angry. Frustrated. Confused. Stressed. Hurting. Still exhausted.

But most of all, I’m heartbroken for the loss of the quiet beauty all around me that it seems only I appreciate. Well, me, and the animals and bees.

So, human neighbours, I don’t care if you smile and wave at me as you drive past. I’m not interested in being neighbourly with people like you. End of story.








Childhood Board Games

So, I’m thinking with the advent of the (busy) school year, I might change the format and only post up twice a week on the blog. Wednesday and Sunday–but we’ll see if that’s even manageable.

  • Until then, here’s my #TBT blog.

I was in a thrift store and saw a board game I used to play when I was a kid, and it got me all nostalgic and shit. I had a friend in Florida who loved to play board games and I’d meet up with him at the local comic book store and play–a little sanctuary amidst the confusing chaos of my life at the time. One of the Twitter peeps I follow posts up from time to time about board games and it made me miss playing Ticket to Ride and other games.

I’m still having my first cup of tea, so maybe it’s better I just move onto the list. *yawn*

  • Stop Thief As I remember, you try to stop a thief from breaking into places around the city–the jewelry store, the bank, etc. It came with this handheld device with sound effects and clues to help you nab the sneaky burglar. I can remember it being a little frustrating at times, but I still liked being the game’s version of law enforcement. I also saw it on Ebay.
  • Clue I guess there’s a trend to the games I liked. LOL. (Shoulda been a detective!) In any case, I loved this game, but for some reason, nobody else did, and I had a hard time convincing friends and family to play it with me.
  • Same with Monopoly, but here with good reason. Because I was cutthroat, even at a young age, and refused to give up until I drained everybody of their money and property. But I usually always won. *laugh*
  • Cloak & Dagger


What about you?


The Mooring


The Mooring

Cold tethered, here

at the brink

between two portals, one

to the reality of madness

the other to the madness of reality

I look for strands of magic

to lead the way

but there’s not even a wisp of you

dancing on the silent wind

O, you adventurous shapeshifter

you indigo trickster

have you lost your way home

as you walked through worlds

both once and future?

Still, I run up the flag

light the ship’s beacon

only for you,

my ever-questing love.








Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Now get out there and rampage and pillage and create a fairly democratic society (in comparison to the order of the day back then) while doing so! LOL

Letter to a Talisman


Letter to a Talisman



I don’t know what you’re made of

only that you exist in crystal blue

keeping me safe every night

even though you’re only passing through

the midnight airport of my dreams

where my time stand stills but yours

keeps moving to the metronome

of ravens

Or are they crows?

I don’t know that either

I only hear the sonata of the stars

chiming at me from a great distance

and wish on them for you to know

(through this faulty poem that should be prose)

that I’ll always wait for you

at the baggage claim.


–A Chaos Fairy



Rêves de cirque


Rêves de cirque

Brass showman meets

night-blue ghost

You with the love of billions in your hand

juggling the three-ring circus

And me with a handful of cat

and memories that ring in the silence

Did you notice that shadows and spotlight never blend?

Yet you, magic trickster,

make real the illusion

channel all that love into impossible me.

We become rings of silver and gold

smelted only by our dreams.


–A Chaos Fairy






Taking the Edge Off…


Taking the Edge Off


The task of being human

is grating, all

rough edges and brass splinters

even still with my vision going soft

and kaleidoscope-swirled

by the vertigo the doctors (x10) ignore.

I lay between sleep and wake,

wishing on the wind to diffuse

the rest of me

or the nearby raven to lure me to its magic realm

I feel I can’t hold my last cat close enough

to tell her how much she is

my rainbow

my snowflake

my whole world

my last forever

but I still promise her, anyway

talk to her about the world that awaits

an island of fairies and dreams and wishes-come-true

or anything she wants

including all the loves we have lost

“Even if it’s not true” I say,

“it’s better to be tethered ghosts

than separated

by these brittle bodies.”


–A Chaos Fairy





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