Engrenages TV show…


Well, it’s not really a Throwback Thursday post–however, it seems we are now in a time where anything over five years old is considered, well, old. Outre. Retro. In need of a movie remake because it’s so dated.

So, in the post-Olympic depressive state, I resumed watching Engrenages, or Spiral, on Netflix. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0477507/) I guess a Season Six is in the works. Yay for us!

I love it for so many reasons.

  • It’s French.
  • The actors look like real, live humans, not plastic (male/female/other) dolls.
  • The actors also act like real humans, not rote mouthpieces spouting predictable lines.
  • The graphic visuals are pretty intense, and I love the lighting used.
  • Somehow, it makes me want to be French/live in France, even though Paris is not depicted as a cozy, lovely, romantic environment.

Can’t wait for the next season–coming in 2017!


Memory in Fugue…



Memory in Fugue

Whose memory is this?

Entangled in dreams

yet symbols of entirely

different lives

And loves

I’m not sure where I

begin and you end

Or vice versa, because I’ll

lose you if I’m selfish

or not selfish enough

to wish you into being


by the parched beach

in the desert rain

in a sun-filled bank of fog

on the boat with no sail

to the island with no coordinates

just like this memory with no origin

At least your answer is always there.


–A Chaos Fairy





Free Tarot Readings…

…to the first eleven responders! (In the comments).Because, you know, 11:11 (Make a wish U.S. MSTimers!) And something fun and entertaining to kick off your week with!

Okay, I couldn’t think of anything to do today. Just really out of it and preoccupied with…things.

I’ve got three decks of cards…Tarot of the Old Path, New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, and Golden Tarot (which looks kinda Medieval/Renaissance-y). Take your pick, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (WordPress Bloggers only).


Disclaimer: These completely free short readings will just be for light entertainment purposes only and SHOULD NOT be considered actual fortune telling or be used to influence ANY major life decisions. I will not be held responsible for the content of the readings, and will keep all content of the readings light, non-serious, and only have surface content, aka fluff. If you want a deep, serious reading for any pressing issues you have, consider a paid reading conducted with an actual (licensed?) tarot card professional. So, please, keep your objective/skeptical thinking caps on!🙂

Again, I won’t get too personal/revealing, Just in case, especially as I’ll be posting the blurbs in response to your comments publicly. I can do actual readings, but this will just be for fun, especially since I don’t actually know you in real life. I will also reserve the right to not do any readings if I don’t feel comfortable with the situation, the recipient of said tarot reading, or with any initial questions being asked.

And, again, remember to take the readings with a practical-minded grain of salt. https://achaosfairyrealm.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/reading-with-a-grain-of-salt/

Or, at the very least, listen to Spock: “Insufficient facts always invite danger.” – Star Trek, season 1, episode 24 (“Space Seed,” 1968)

Why Can’t We Just Get Along?


(Well, aside from the fact that we humans are all a bunch of bloody arseholes, that is..)

I don’t care whether you believe in climate change, or not. It’s happening. And we’re just standing around arguing about it in the name of your god(s), whether religion- or science-based.

(Even if your God/Higher Power did create this world, maybe you should look at how you’re returning the favor. By using this “divine creation” as your personal toilet/garbage dump? If I’ve offended you, good. Consider that your wake-up call. I’m already living in a pretty dark place, so threats of eternal damnation aren’t really going to phase me.)

Maybe those rich climate change deniers should pool their resources and buy a private island, then sit back and watch the sea level rise and threaten their (multi-million-dollar?) houses. Then, maybe we’d be united on the climate change front. (Let’s see them try to build the wall to keep out a gazillion gallons of sea water.)

Until then, we’ve got to stick together and come to some sort of accord, rather than waste a bunch of time arguing about religion and knowledge and building walls because of some imagined superiority complex. We’re humans, after all, yet our communication skills when compared to the animals that many look down on or dismiss (now, maybe even trees and plants, as well) suck, quite frankly.

So let’s put our supposed differences aside, and get busy saving the planet.t And the animals. And the trees and planets. All lifeforms, basically. If we don’t, we won’t even have time to argue about all this sh*t, anyway.


Pretty please with a (non-GMO) cherry on top?


(I might take a little break from blogging for the next week or so–see you on the flip side!)





How to Die the Eco-Friendly Way!



“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”–Albus Dumbledore

If I die, I’m not sure how I would want to be disposed of–definitely with an eye on the environment, though. I went with the modern-day interpretation of Egyptian burials for my beloved animal companions, but I’d like to be buried at sea (I’m reminded of a quote from my favourite piece of literature when I was a kid–Medea–but I couldn’t locate it on the internet. Something she said about her bones being made clean and white by the ocean. Who knows what I’m actually remembering, as it’s going back to when I was eleven or so.)


Anyway, here’s the usual linkys about the most green, eco-friendly ways you can be buried. According to the internet, at least.


Interesting article about the whole natural burial process. http://www.beatree.com/

Another Info Site: http://www.greenburials.org/

How to be Eco-Friendly when You’re Dead–The Atlantic

The Urban Death Project

Green Burials from Everplan

Proposed Burial Concept

Until then, the Bios Urn

More about Green Burials from How Stuff Works.


What about you? Would you choose this as an option? (While you’re deciding, make sure you have things like living wills and advance medical directives and things like that. These will protect your rights if you become mentally/physically incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself.)

Eating Around the World–Greenland


I always wanted to visit Greenland! Lately I’ve been dreaming of snowy climes…among lots of crap dreams, unfortunately.

Anyway, happy eating! (If you’re vegetarian, like me, you might be sh*t out of luck. At least, based on the links I found. LOL)

Here’s all the linky fun! (Now, excuse me, I’m trying to watch football *wink*). Been there? Share up your dining adventures in the comments!








Limbo of Past and Future, Conjoined.


The Cure’s “Doing the Unstuck”

A weird TBT post, I know. But things are weird in the Chaos Realm as of late. Weirder than usual, anyway.

Been seeing the previews for that TV show, Timeless, on NBC. I really thought it was a show  based on the books by Connie Willis (about the exploits of time-traveling historians/history detectives.) but it wasn’t, sadly. Or thankfully, since I typically like the book versions better.

Right now, like a time traveller perhaps, I feel stuck between my past and a nebulous future (imagine if there really were such a thing as reincarnation, and you were getting hints of your future life–that’s what it feels like). It’s really weird, like depression, but not really, just a confusing mass of sh*t that’s all swirling around and hard to figure out. Or move forward. Limbo, essentially. Or a purgatory, Dante-style. And it’s not even really good nostalgia, either, just more of a hindsight wake-up call about the things I should done differently, and how I should have reacted to the situations I was in–made different decisions–chose a different path, character-wise. Chose to be me in different, better ways. It’s weird, because I’ve never been one to really dwell on things, just pick myself up, dust myself off, and plan a new adventure, or a new life track. But, after 437 beat-downs/put-downs, I’m feeling a little weary, as you can imagine. LOL Maybe I’m thinking about all this as part of life lessons for a next life…or so goes the thought path my imagination runs away with, on occasion. (The curse of being a creative thinker–always walking that fine line between imagination and madness, right? Those gymnastics Olympians on the balance beam have nothing on us!).

It’s like the past and some unknown future are being combined into one, and I can see the path lines that are shaping me up for a future. Time in the present feels like doesn’t really exist in this little limbo pocket of introspection right now. It’s a very odd sensation, because I’m going about my business of (endlessly) trying to find a job, feed the cat, go to the store, pay bills, take the trash to the dump, clean house, and other mundane life stuff.

Just trying to find meaning to it all. Sometimes there’s a little light in flashes of synchronicity (coincidence, I know) in lucid dreams that I’ve been having that are just so vivid, even for this dreamer of five to six lifelike dreams a night.

A few nights ago, I dreamed I was trying to warn someone to evacuate with their animals, and it kinda turned into a nightmare. I was screaming at them, “Just leave. You’re in danger.” but they just went about their day, like I was invisible. I didn’t even know what the danger was, but somebody was harassing me to make sure I told this individual. Like I was at work, and had to get a job done, but I was just slacking off. I didn’t even really know who the individual was, really, I have just attached the moniker “Figment” to the individual (as in figment of my imagination, of course) just because they keep appearing in my dreams.

So, I’m just trying to meditate, perform little rituals to anyone who may be listening, make a bucket list for my future life (lives) just for fun, write, and dream of figments and other worlds. Maybe out of all these practices, guidance will come from somewhere. Because I’m quite stuck. And I’m not used to being stuck. Or in an indecisive limbo. (<–bulldozer in human form.)







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